Gizem Vural

Cover illustration for VPRO Gids magazine about Zomergasten (Summer Guests) for a TV Talk Show. 

AD Carla von Thijn

Cover illustration for Bloomberg Markets, The Blockchain

AD Josef Reyes

Cover illustration for Bloomberg Markets magazine about "volatility in  stocks". (ADC 101st Annual - Silver Cube)

AD Josef Reyes

Illustration for PLANADVISER May/June 2021 “The State of DCIO” Survey story. 

AD SooJin Buzelli


Illustration for PLANADVISER, Dec/Jan 2022, "Fee Models are Shifting" 

AD SooJin Buzelli

Illustration for Socialter's new issue about "The Times of Research". (ADC 101st Annual, Bronze Cube)

AD Jeremie Martinez

Illustration for Socialter's new issue about "Time Captured"

(Communication Arts 63 - 2022 Award of Excellence), (ADC 101st Annual, Bronze Cube)

AD Jeremie Martinez

Illustration for The New Yorker, about new score of pulitzer-winning musician John Luther Adams, An Atlas of Time.

AD Victor Guan

Illustration for NAUTILUS about the myths of cursive handwriting in education. 

AD Francesco Izzo. (SOI59 Editorial Category Gold Medal)

Cover illustration for Planadviser Nov/Dec 2020 “Value Judgement”. Image about abstract visual of merging and acquiring.

AD SooJin Buzelli

Illustration for Star Tribune newspaper about nature's effect on brain

AD Kim Maxwell Vu

Illustration for The New York Times for Classical Music section about "Notes Toward Reinventing The American Orchestra"

AD Tonya Douraghy

Cover Illustration for The Guardian Review about Writer's concept of cultural appropriation

AD Sarah Habershon


Illustration for Rockefeller University’s research magazine, SEEK magazine. About the use of mathematical modeling to predict what are known as 'black swan' events, or global events with long-lasting consequences.

AD Esther Klingbiel

Illustration for The New York Times  "How to Prep Your Relationship for Post-Pandemic Life"

AD Laurie Baker

Illustration for NY Times Magazine article The Mystery of My Obsession with Agatha Christie

AD Ben Grandgenett

Illustrations for Spectrum News about autism research on noncoding genomes.

AD Rebecca Horne

Illustration for BuzzFeed News about "Why influencers are breaking up with Instagram?

AD Ben Kothe

Illustration for NATURE Magazine about “How ecstasy and psilocybin are shaking up psychiatry”

AD  Wesley Fernandes

Let There Be Flowers - An Artist's Statement

Poster illustration for Ordu Tasbasi Sanat Alani, poster exhibition "Stones Do Remember" in Ordu, Turkey.

Illustration for PLANSPONSOR about providing a financial wellness program to accommodate company's diverse workforce.

AD SooJin Buzelli 

For Millie Magazine about financial app for gig workers.

AD Leslie Xia

Illustration for The New Yorker about The Neurons That Tell TimeAD Claire Merchlinsky

Days of Scattered Memories

New work about 'animals extinction' to Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam exhibition Lost and Not Found. (SOI62 Uncomissioned Category Silver Medal)

Illustration for NY Times Open about New York Times Engineering’s ‘election readiness efforts’ to achieve reliable and resilient systems. 

AD Jason & Tiffany

Illustration for NY Times Open about How New York Times Engineering fortified our systems ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

AD Jason Fujikuni

Illustration for NY Times, Insider, Is There Such a Thing as a Slow News Week?

AD Andrew Sondern

Thoughts and Drinks

Illustration for The New York Times Sketchbook section about Dams Removal from rivers

AD Vinnie Neuberg


Conversation Between Hmms and Meows

11 Spot Illustrations about Spring Cleaning for The New Yorker. AD Rina Kushnir

"Happy New Year" celebration in covid times

Take a Walk

Abstract Flowers collab. with Yuck Print House

Dreaming of Summer

Illustration for The Atlantic Rethink about Securing Retirement in the Coronavirus era. AD Drew Campbell

Morning Commute (Society of Illustrators 60 "Silver Medal" )

Illustration for The New York Times about Gender Equality in Tech. Has Tech Changed?

AD Jim Datz & Alexandra Zsigmond

Illustration about Running into acquaintances after covid for NY Times - Style.

AD Elana Schlenker

A Big City

The Sixteenth Annual 3x3 International Illustration Awards commissioned by Charles Hively (AI38 SELECTED Winner)

Illustration for The New Yorker, about a Baroque Opera work of Antonio Literes 'Los Elementos'. 

AD Deanna Donegan

Illustration for MIT Technology Review about Sleep-monitoring technology that doesn’t interfere with sleep.
AD Lynne Carty

Studio illustration for Nobrow 10 'Studio Dreams' book

Illustration for The New York Times, Sunday Review, Is Climate Change Causing More Tornadoes?

AD Jordan Awan

Peeking at Spring

Illustration for The New Yorker about the new work of conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen. 

AD Deanna Donegan

Illustration for New York Times Book Review about a 6 year old boy's mother learning about her cancer diagnosis. 

AD Matt Dorfman

An Ordinary Day

Illustration for The New York Times - Insider - about What makes a good op-ed?

AD Andrew Sondern

Illustration for The New York Times. Book Review section. Paradise Lodge by Nina Stibbe. 

AD Matt Dorfman 

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