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Gizem Vural


This Dolphin Press & Print edition was produced as part of the course  Grad Remix (September-December 2018), a collaboration course between the Illustration Practice program  (graduate) and the Printmaking Department (undergraduate) at MICA. 

In January 2018, Illustrator Gizem Vural was invited to produce visuals for the edition  and work collaboratively with the course students to design the book structure. Printed  sheets were french folded binding the raw edge at the spine. Vural’s gradiant colored pencil drawings were translated into risographic and screenprinted images that tell a wordless story of the seasons.

Project Director Whitney Sherman, Director, MFA in Illustration Practice, Co Director Dolphin Press & Print

Project Faculty and Coordinator Eva Wylie, Faculty, Printmaking Department

We decided to create two versions as a softcover and the other one as a hardcover. There are pages created with only using screen printing and the other pages with riso printing.

There are some pages in the book opening wide to the right.

Some more pages from the hardcover version.

Some pages from the soft cover version.

Eva Wylie, Whitney Sherman and MICA Printmaking grad/undergrad students who printed and fabricated everything about the book.

Book Format and Binders  Danqi Cai, Lauren Jackson, Victoria Schanken, Xuetong Wang, Daniela Go, Courtney Chan

Risograph Printers Katherine Charney, Parker Luse, Jackson Kramer, Sara Hagstrom

Screenprinting Printers  Priyanka Kumar, Sierra Lomo, Bailey Race, Yi Zheng

Special Thanks to Jonathan Thomas, Chair Printmaking Department; Gail Deery, Printmaking Faculty and Co-Director, Dolphin Press & Print; and to MICA Graduate Studies Grad Mix Funding, and MICA Printmaking Department support for helping to make this project possible.